Mauro’s Book

The Smile Of Being – (Il sorriso segreto dell’ essere)

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Unapproved, random snippet from the book:

Who would have the nerve to teach waves how to be water?
What is the point of instructing someone to become what they already are?

The problem lies in the fact that words themselves – including those used here flow from Totality and as such can express it, but not “comprehend” or “describe” it within their own limited boundaries.

This book was therefore not written with the intention of teaching some profound spiritual meaning or a path to reach the Absolute: to pass off to others as the revelation of a great secret what is already before their eyes, or to teach them something they already do spontaneously would only be insulting arrogance!

More modestly, these pages merely point out – like a pointing finger – something that is always obvious, but out of habit is never noticed. An act therefore of disarming simplicity, as when at the table a diner asks:

“Where is the salt?”
And another replies: “There, right in front of you.”

When we finally notice it, we wonder why we hadn’t noticed it before.

So while reading, don’t get sidetracked by the complexity of the reasoning and concepts. Forget the words and lend an ear only to the resonance that may awaken in you when some indicator hits the mark.

Each page of the book is but an invitation to open ourselves to the unknown Vastness that we are, to feel the irrepressible vitality of Being that shines in any moment of our lives.

Therefore, I suggest that as you read, do not focus too much on the words, but turn your gaze toward the reader, toward the conscious Presence that serves as a constant backdrop to the reading.

Please stay tuned…

June 2023: We are currently teaming on an English translation/iteration
of Mauro Bergonzi‘s book “Il sorriso segreto dell’ essere” – The Secret Smile Of Being.