The irrepressible vitality of Being 

When we finally notice it, we wonder why we hadn’t noticed it before.

So while reading, don’t get sidetracked by the complexity of the reasoning and concepts. Forget the words and lend an ear only to the resonance that may awaken in you when some indicator hits the mark.

Each page of the book is but an invitation to open ourselves to the unknown Vastness that we are, to feel the irrepressible vitality of Being that shines in any moment of our lives.

Therefore, I suggest that as you read, do not focus too much on the words, but turn your gaze toward the reader, toward the conscious Presence that serves as a constant backdrop to the reading.

Excerpt from Mauro Bergonzi‘s book “Smile Of Being“.
Podcast: The Resonance of Being
… Mauro Bergonzi, describes himself as a religious scholar and teacher. He explains that he does not consider himself a teacher in the traditional sense, as he does not have a message or teaching to convince people to change. Instead, he sees his communication as an expression, similar to music or dance, done for the joy of it. He prefers to describe his meetings as a sharing of being, where the resonance of being can become apparent for some individuals. He emphasizes that being is already here and there is no need for people to change in order to reach it.
Video: The Wonder of Unknowing
… the good news is that the unknown is already within us, touching us intimately in our hearts. The bad news is that we are often terrified of the unknown and try to convince ourselves that it is far away.